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3D Printing, the Factory of the Future (“Impression 3D, l’usine du futur”)

04/01/2016 - 07/09/2016

The design of this event is 3D printing, the factory of the future. This first French exhibition on additive manufacturing, qualified 4th Industrial Revolution, highlights its industrial, economic, creative and social issues, through achievements in the field of design, architecture, transport, fashion, health, research or food.

3D printing allows the production of customized small series, prototypes or unique. Its global market represents 2.7 billion and is experiencing growth of over 30% per year. Companies and designers are increasingly likely to use this advanced technology.

For the general public and to public and private decision-makers, the exhibition shows how this new mode of production, combined with digital designs tools will change our lifestyles and consumption. It alerts on the urgency of developing a major national strategy to make up for the French late – even though France is the source of the first patented and advanced technology regarding software and research materials.

Motivated by the shared desire to develop strong institutional partnerships, The design of the place and the Centre Pompidou have come together to reflect together on a project that will take place in several stages over the years 2016 and 2017.

The design of the place opens the sequence with this first exhibition that reveals the potential for new uses and economic opportunities offered by 3D printing. The Pompidou Centre from early 2017 will aim to show him the Art & Research dimension in a more forward looking approach.