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3D Start Point is the place to start your search for and learn all about the what of Fused Filament Fabrication or 3D Printing. With the focus all about the what: what design software to use, what printer to buy, what tools to use, what designs should you print, what new materials are out and what your business strategy should be. Husband and wife product design team, Tom and Tracy Hazzard began 3D Printing as a way to expand their design services for their retail clients but quickly realized that it had more potential than just prototyping. They began the WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast to help scale the steep learning curve, advocate for more 3D Design and product focus, and to help you figure out your what. 3D Start Point and WTFFF?! features daily Reviews, Articles, Guest Contributors, Expert Viewpoints and useful Tips & Tools to help you realize your opportunity as this disruptive technology changes the future.

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Ask Us Anything 3D Printing – a FREE way (beyond a boring FAQ) to help answer your actual questions. This is especially for those of you in the 3D Print trenches with us. We make every attempt to personally answer selected questions in an episode of our WTFFF? Podcast. Just fill out the form below, subscribe to listen for your answers or come back here to 3D Start Point to read up!

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